The NEWFOUNDLAND SHARK QUANT RF, as well as his older brother Newfoundland Eagle LB FIA, due to the complex mechanisms that make up its structures, aims to be a reference in quantitative fund in Brazil.

The Newfoundland Shark Quant RF is the result of more than three and a half years of fully dedicated research, being an entirely quantitative fixed income fund.

Based on a proprietary architecture developed in the smallest details by our group of financists and Ph.D scientists, one of the main objectives of Newfoundland Shark Quant is to present itself as a valuable alternative for all types of investors that are in the quest of potentially lower risk in their fixed income portfolio, while, at the same time by means of the use of the most technological active management systems in the financial market, keeping liquidity flexibility and potentially being exposed to fixed income investment opportunities that overcome the CDI.

The Newfoundland Shark Quant RF is available to the general public and its scope is to offer top of mind quantitative methods and structures all over the World.

Initial minimum investment R$ 100.00
CNPJ 46.521.247/0001-54
Application and redemption time 14:40 hrs
Administration fee 0.9%
Performance fee 20% above CDI
Taxation Long term fixed income taxation
Asset meneger Newfoundland Malibu Gestora de Recursos LTDA
Custodian and Administrator BTG Pactual
Auditing Ernst & Young
Investidor relationship


Fund Date Day Month Year 12M ITD AUM
Shark Quant FIC FI RF LP 22/04/2024 0.05% -0.22% 1.61% 8.1% 15.86% R$ 45.148.589,99